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Maryland Public Information Act Requests

The public's right to information about government activities lies at the heart of a democratic government. Maryland's Public Information Act (PIA) grants the people of this State a broad right of access to public records while protecting legitimate governmental interests and the privacy rights of individual citizens.  PIA requests made for information owned by the Comptroller of Maryland will be reviewed and processed per all applicable laws.  The Maryland Office of the Attorney General (OAG) ensures that state agencies fairly, expeditiously, and correctly implement the Act when requests are made, while also protecting rights of privacy and other public policy goals.

For general information about the Public Information Act, review Access to Government Records Under the Maryland Public Information Act, Appendix I-1 from the Maryland Public Information Act Manual (14th Ed., October 2015) which is provided in full below.

Submission of PIA Requests to the Comptroller of Maryland

If you need to request a public record from the Comptroller of Maryland, forward your request to our PIA Representative:

John Gontrum, Assistant Comptroller
80 Calvert Street
P.O. Box 466
Annapolis, MD 21404-0466
(410) 260-7562

The OAG maintains a current list of State, county and municipal PIA representatives. The PIA representative for the Office of the Maryland Attorney General is:

Barbara Bond
200 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD  21202
(410) 576-6405

Maryland Public Information Act References and Revisions

A resource for both government officials seeking to meet their responsibilities under the Act and members of the press and public seeking access to information.

Updates to the Manual are maintained by the OAG, made online, and revision dates are posted in the table below.

Maryland Public Information Act Manual (14th Ed.) (October 2015)

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .PDF files below.

Chapter Content Revised Date
Overview Preface and Table of Contents October 2015
Chapter 1 Scope and Agency Responsibilities October 2015
Chapter 2 Right of Access to Records October 2015
Chapter 3 Exceptions to Disclosure October 2015
Chapter 4 Request Procedures October 2015
Chapter 5 Administrative and Judicial Review October 2015
Chapter 6 Copies October 2015
Chapter 7 Fees October 2015
Chapter 8 Remedies October 2015
Chapter 9 Research Access October 2015
Chapter 10 The Right to Correction or Amendment of Public Records October 2015
Chapter 11 Restrictions on the Creation and Collection of Personal Records October 2015
Appendix A Sample Request Letter October 2015
Appendix B Sample 10-Day Letter (or E-Mail) October 2015
Appendix C Sample Denial Letter October 2015
Appendix D Affidavit of Indigency October 2015
Appendix E PIA Annotated Code of Maryland General Provisions Article October 2015
Appendix F Model Regulations on Public Information Act October 2015
Appendix G Opinions of the Attorney General on the Maryland PIA October 2015
Appendix H Responding to Requests Under the Maryland PIA October 2015
Appendix I Access to Government Records Under the Maryland PIA October 2015
Appendix J Public Information Act Representatives October 2015
Comptroller of Maryland Transparency in Reporting

In serving as Maryland’s fiscal watchdog, Comptroller Peter Franchot established the Spotlight on Maryland’s Money web site in order to provide fiscal transparency in reporting of state revenues and expenditures so that the public knows where state revenues originate, how the revenues are spent, and how their own tax dollars are distributed.  Specifically, the Comptroller’s Office was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) which includes the financial statements of the State, as well as information required by Title 2, Section 102 of the State Finance and Procurement Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.  For a list of detailed reports, follow the links below:

Links for Intergovernmental Information
  Public Information Act Requests
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