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1099 Information

Annually, Federal 1099 reports are informational forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  A copy of the 1099 is sent to the taxpayer.  The form reports certain types of compensation paid to individuals, sole proprietors and partnerships as defined by IRS regulations.  The General Accounting Division (GAD) of the Comptroller is the designated State's 1099 authority and, accordingly, has the responsibility for coordinating all questions, responses and filings with the (IRS).  All 1099 reports submitted to the IRS – GAD or Agency generated - must be made through magnetic media given the volume of 1099s reported by the State.

Supporting Forms and Documents:

  • Object Crosswalk - This document shows the Comptroller Objects and the corresponding boxes of the 1099.
  • FMIS Security Form - This document is need to gain access to the 75 User Class to add 1099 Information to R-STARS.
  • 1099 Manual Entry Process (10/09/2015) - This document explains the Manual entry of 1099 data into R-STARS
  • 1099 Subsystem Data Entry Guide (03/2015) - This document explains the process for creating an R*STARS Interface Document to add data electronically.


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