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Accounting Procedures Manual

To view most of the files in this section, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free online.

Accounting Procedures Manual - Main Document ~ revised April 2018 (4/30/2018)


Appendix A - Financial Agencies Listing: R*STARS Agencies;i.e., Departments and Independent Agencies. (1/21/2016)
Appendix B - Financial Agencies-Chart of Agency's Accounts: R*STARS Financial agency codes and their appropriation numbers. (2/8/2016)
Appendix C - Closing Instructions 2018 - Statutory and GAAP (4/30/2018)
Appendix C - Closing Example (4/8/2013)
Appendix D - Fees and User Charges, Directions and Forms (6/28/2016)
Appendix D - Fees and User Charges, Samples  (4/09/2014)
Appendix E - Comptroller Sub-Objects - Expenditures and Revenues grouped in D09 order R*STARS D10 objects for expenditures and revenues, grouped in D09 order. (4/2/2015)
Appendix F - Comptroller Sub-Objects - Expenditures and Revenues grouped in D10 order R*STARS D10 objects for expenditures and revenues, listed in D10 order. (4/2/2015)
Appendix G - Expenditure Objects and Definitions Comptroller Objects of Expenditures and their definition for use. (4/30/2018)
Appendix H - Batch Agencies Listing Listed by Financial Agency. (2/8/2016)
Appendix I - GAD Reports.(4/2/2015)

Associated Forms:

GAD X-18 - Report of Agency Accounting Responsibility (2/10/2016)
GAD X-3 - Individual Request for Out-of-State-Travel
GAD X-5 - State of Maryland Expense Account
GAD X-9 - Electronic Funds Transfer Request Authorization (7/27/2017)
GAD X-10 - Electronic Funds Transfer Request Form (6/15/2015)
GAD-710 - Change Request Form (10/23/2015)
GAD X-51 - User Fee Collection Form (3/15/2013)
Remittance Advice
R*STARS Emergency Disbursement Cover Sheet (rstar100)
R*STARS Emergency Disbursement Transmittal (rstar102)
Form ST-151 - Stop Payment or Cancellation Request Form (7/7/2016)
Form ST-152 - Stop Payment Request Form for all Payroll Checks (7/30/2018)
Form ST-401 - Approved Signatures for Stop Payment/Reissue Requests (4/4/2013)
Schedule G Instructions 2018 - Instructions to complete Schedule G (7/5/2018)
Schedule G and G-1 Memo 2018 - GAD Memo to State Agencies Receiving Federal Assistance (7/5/2018)
Schedule G FY 2018 Blank Form - Federal Grants Reporting Form (7/5/2018)
Schedule G-1 FY 2018 Blank Form - Pass-Through Grants (Federal) Reporting Form (7/5/2018)
Schedule G Reconciliation Form 2018 - Federal Grants Reconciliation to RSTARS (7/5/2018)


R*STARS Training - To be used with Accounting Procedures Manual (4/8/2013)

Regulatory Review and Evaluation - Public comment opportunity available until 8/30/2013


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