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General Fund Balance

June 30, 2018
General Fund Balance, June 30, 2017     $258,549,955
2018 Estimated Revenues     17,019,138,819
Adjustments to Revenues (See detail)     14,014,857
Reimbursement from reserve for Tax Credits     21,761,071
Other Adjustments to Revenue - 2018 Session      
  Transfer from other funds (See detail)     9,000,000
2018 General Fund Appropriations      
 Appropriated by 2017 General Assembly   $17,240,318,114  
  Board of Public Works Reductions   (60,978,555)  
  Deficiency Appropriations   46,615,069  
  Legislative Reductions   (5,471,673)  
  Specific Reversions (See detail)   (54,612,704)  
  Estimated Agency Reversions   (35,000,000)  
Net Appropriations     (17,130,870,251)
Estimated 2018 General Fund Balance     191,594,451
Total Net Revenues and Transfers $17,407,350,206    
Excess of Actual Revenues over Estimates and Adjustments   339,337,935  
Excess of Actual Transfers over Estimates   4,097,524  
Estimated Reversions (in estimate above) (89,612,704)    
Amount to be Reverted 144,173,090    
Excess of Actual Reversions over Estimates   54,560,386  
Total General Fund Balance     $589,590,296
General Fund Balance Reserved for 2019 Operations   191,594,450  
Minus 2019 Estimated Surplus   (105,840,167)  
Reserved     85,754,283
2018 Unassigned General Fund Balance     $503,836,013

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Updated: 2018-09-04

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