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Q: How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

A: In order to sign up for direct deposit, a Direct Deposit Authorization form must be sent to Central Payroll Bureau at P.O. Box 2396, Annapolis, MD 21404.  Only original forms will be accepted.  Please note that it may take up to 2 pay periods for your direct deposit information to take effect.

Q: Can I split my Direct Deposit into two accounts?

A: No.  Direct Deposits may not be split.  However, a Payroll Deduction may be set up with the State Employee's Credit Union (SECU) which will transfer a predetermined amount from your designation direct deposit account into a SECU account of your choice.  For more information, please contact your local SECU branch.

Q: What will happen if I have direct deposit and I close my account?

A: If you close your account without notifying Central Payroll, Central Payroll will still attempt to deposit your funds into the account.  If the account is closed, the direct deposit will "Fail" and it can take up to 3 Business Days before the funds are returned to the State of Maryland.  Once this occurs, Central Payroll will issue a paper check and mail it directly to the employee's agency.  The employee must coordinate with their agency's payroll department to obtain their check.



Q: How do I obtain copies of my paystubs?

A: The best way to obtain copies of your paystubs is by signing up for POSC.  POSC will provide you with your last 12 months of paystubs, previous year end paystubs, and copies of your last 3 years of W2s.  If you should need paystubs older than 12 months, please contact your agency’s payroll department first.  In the event they are unable to provide paystubs to you, you may contact Central Payroll at 410-260-7401.

Q: Where can I see a schedule of when I will be paid?

A: Pay schedules are on the Central Payroll website at the following link: Payroll Schedules

Q: When are the State Holidays for 2018? 2019?

A: Department of Budget & Management provides the State Holiday schedule to allow state employees.  Go to the following link for the State Holiday Schedule:



Q: I have legally changed my name.  How do I update my name on my payroll checks?

A: Contact your agency's Human Resources office.  You will need to provide legal documentation of your name change.  Your agency will update your name and forward the information to Central Payroll.

Q: I have recently moved.  How do I update my address on my payroll checks?

A: Visit POSC and submit a new W4/MW507 form with the new address.  This is the most efficient way to update your address with Central Payroll.  Please note, you will also have to update your address within WORKDAY.



Q: I'm locked out of my POSC account.  How can I reset my POSC password?

A: You may contact Central Payroll at 410-260-7401 and a payroll clerk will assist you in submitting a POSC Help Desk ticket or you may contact the help desk directly at  In the email, please remember to include your Full Name, Contact Phone Number, and what POSC issue you are having.



Q: How do I change my Federal/State Tax status and/or exemptions?

A: The easiest way to update your W4/MW507 and tax status/exemption will be to visit POSC and submit a new W4 form.  This is the quickest and easiest way to update your information.  If you are requesting to be "Exempt" from Federal or State taxes, you cannot utilize POSC and must submit an original form to Central Payroll.  W4/MW507 forms may be found on the Payroll Forms page.

Q: Is there a tool that will help me estimate my taxes if I change my allowances?

A: Yes.  Visit Central Payroll's "Net Pay Calculator".  You will need a copy of your most recent paystub.  With the information from your most recent paystub, you are able to input the figures into the calculator and change information such as tax status or number of exemptions to see how it will affect your pay.  The Net Pay Calculator may be found at the following link:



Q: Who should I speak to if I am having an issue with my timesheet?

A: All Timesheet issues should be directed to your agency's timekeeping unit.  Contact your Human Resources or Payroll department and they should be able to direct you to the proper unit.

Q: Who should I speak to if I am having an issue with my Workday account?

A: All Workday issues should first be directed to your agency's Human Resources office.  If the issue cannot be resolved at the agency level, your Human Resources office should contact DBM's Statewide Personnel System Support.


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