Thousands of Dollars Discovered at Montgomery County Fair

-Visitors Find Almost $62,000 at the Annual Event-

Annapolis, Md. (September 8, 2010) – More than one-hundred people found almost $62,000 in unclaimed funds at Comptroller Peter Franchot’s booth at this years Montgomery County Fair. Comptroller employees participated in the fair this year as part of a statewide initiative to help reunite Marylanders with money they are owed.

“In these tough economic times, it is our duty and our pleasure to return unclaimed funds to their rightful owners,” said Comptroller Franchot. “Everyday, we work vigorously to locate the owners of the unclaimed property and to make sure they get what they are owed. This is just one of the ways we strive to serve the people of Maryland.”

This year, 826 fair attendees searched for unclaimed property, with 112 discovering they had money in their name. One individual found $6,889 with the help of Comptroller Franchot’s staff. In total fair goers were reunited with $61,900 in unclaimed funds.

Financial institutions, utilities, insurance companies and other corporations are required to report to the Comptroller any bank accounts, security deposits, wages, insurance benefits and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been unclaimed after three years.

In addition to his booth at the fair, the Comptroller searches for owners of unclaimed funds by advertising in local newspapers and matching files with IRS and the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles.

Staff of the Comptroller’s unclaimed property unit will be at the Prince George’s County fair from September 9-12.

The Comptroller encourages everyone to log onto his Web site,, to search the agency’s records for unclaimed funds, or call the office at 410-767-1700 in Central Maryland, or toll-free 1-800-782-7383 from elsewhere.

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