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Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division (ITD) of the Comptroller of Maryland is comprised of two programs: Comptroller IT Services and Annapolis Data Center (ADC) Operations.

The Information Technology Division - Comptroller IT Services is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Information Technology efforts of the Comptroller of Maryland. This program supports the IT infrastructure, IT security, automated mainframe computer applications, and Web development initiatives of the Comptroller's Office. This program also provides Information Technology Services to the Registers of Wills offices throughout the State.

This program provides the technical expertise to analyze, design, develop, implement and maintain the information technology solutions that support the business needs of the Comptroller of Maryland and provides enhanced services to Maryland taxpayers. The skills used to provide these services cover a broad range including systems analysis, systems administration, security administration, project planning, programming, project management, and ongoing production support.

The ADC provides mainframe computer services for its parent agency, the Comptroller of Maryland, as well as many other State agencies. The ADC's operational costs are fully reimbursed from its customers via charges for computer usage and services rendered.

The ADC is the largest of the five mainframe data centers in the Maryland State government. Some of the applications supported by the ADC include the Maryland State Integrated Tax (SMART) System, the State Payroll System, the Maryland State Financial Management and Information System (FMIS), and the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).

The Information Technology Division supports Web sites for Maryland Taxes, the Comptroller of Maryland, Maryland Money, the Maryland Board of Public Works, the Business Tax Reform Commission, and handles IT procurements for the State of Maryland.

Vision Statement

Our customers will have instantaneous, around-the-clock access to all tax information and services online. All financial transactions with our customers will be performed online. Our business processes will incorporate technology seamlessly, so that all processes are performed swiftly, efficiently, and with substantial cost savings. Instead of performing manual, repetitive tasks, our employees will spend their time and effort providing services to our customers, and looking for new ways to improve the services we provide to our customers.

Contact Information

John Hiter
Director, Information Technology Division
Phone: 410-260-7503

Carol Lavix
Deputy Director, Information Technology Division
Phone: 410-260-7602

Mark Shenton
Director, Annapolis Data Center Administration and Operations
Phone: 410-260-7203

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