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Revenue Administration Division

The Revenue Administration Division is responsible for the "front end" process. In other words we are responsible for receiving and processing the tax returns and payments for the taxes administered by the Comptroller of Maryland. These include personal, corporate, fiduciary, pass-through entity, employer withholding, sales and use, motor fuel, alcohol, tobacco, estate, admissions and amusement, tire fee, Bay Restoration Fee and inheritance taxes.

The total gross revenue collected and accounted for from all of the taxes listed above was $24 billion in FY 2016. The Comptroller's Office is the single largest state agency to account for General Funds going to the State budget.

The local income taxes which all residents of Maryland pay, are collected by the Revenue Administration Division and distributed to the 23 counties, Baltimore City, and 168 incorporated cities and towns throughout the year. This distribution totaled $5.2 billion for FY 2016.

Information for individual, and business taxpayers as well as for tax professionals may be found here on our Maryland Taxes Web site.

Code of Maryland Regulations
The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) are maintained by the Division of State Documents (DSD) under the Office of the Secretary of State and can be accessed through the DSD Web site. To view the regulations, please visit COMAR Online.

Below are links to Title 03 that pertain to taxes that Maryland collects.

Mission Statement

We are committed to administer the provisions of the Maryland tax laws in an effective and efficient manner, while maintaining the integrity of the tax collection system and treating all taxpayers with respect and understanding.

Division Contact Information

Wayne Green, Director

Debora Gorman, Deputy Director

Gary E. White, Assistant Director


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