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Comptroller Biographies

Maryland's comptrollers were a diverse group from all parts of the Old Line State. Sixteen were from eight counties on the Eastern Shore, while 14 were from seven counties and Baltimore City on the Western Shore. The two youngest were 28 years old when they entered office while the oldest was 79. Two served in office until they reached 85 years of age.

Twenty-five have been Democrats and only two were Republicans while several before and during the Civil War were Whigs, Know-Nothings and Unionists. Several served in the Civil War on both sides and a few served in World Wars I and II.

A half-dozen were governors, many were in the General Assembly, and several held national office. Eighteen were lawyers, three were physicians and the rest have been newspaper editors, farmers, bankers and accountants, while one was a teacher and another a miner. Quite a few were influential businessmen in their local communities. Seven served a year or less and one served for 39 years. In fact, three individuals accounted for three-quarters of the last century. Three died while they were in office.

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Comptroller Biographies
  Peter Franchot
  William Donald Schaefer
  Robert L. Swann
  Louis L. Goldstein
  James J. Lacy
  J. Millard Tawes
  William S. Gordy Jr.
  E. Brooke Lee
  Hugh A. McMullen
  Emerson Columbus Harrington
  Charles H. Stanley
  William B. Clagett
  Dr. Gordon T. Atkinson
  Dr. Joshua W. Hering
  Phillips Lee Goldsborough
  Robert Patterson Graham
  Marion deKalb Smith
  L. Victor Baughman
  J. Frank Turner
  Thomas James Keating
  Levin Woolford
  William James Leonard
  Robert John Jump
  Henry Hollyday Goldsborough
  Samuel Snowden Maffit
  Abram Lingan Jarrett
  Dennis Claude
  William Henry Purnell
  William Pinkney Whyte
  Henry E. Bateman
  Philip Francis Thomas
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