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Comptroller of Maryland
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Boards and Other Responsibilities

Board of Revenue Estimates

The Board of Revenue Estimates includes the state treasurer, who is elected by the General Assembly, and the budget secretary, who is appointed by the governor, in addition to the comptroller. The Board of Revenue Estimates oversees revenue tracking and forecasting.

Board of Public Works

The comptroller serves with the governor and state treasurer on the Board of Public Works, which approves all state contracts and leases valued at $200,000 or more. The board also manages the sale of Maryland's general obligation bonds.

Board of Trustees of the State Retirement and Pension System

The comptroller is currently vice-chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State Retirement and Pension System. The system manages a $34 billion fund covering state and some local government employees, as well as teachers, state police, judges and legislators.

Register of Wills

The comptroller has salary-setting and fiscal responsibility for the 24 Register of Wills offices. Under the Annotated Code of Maryland, appointments and compensation of deputies and clerks shall be approved by the comptroller.

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