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Paid Leave Benefits

Holiday Benefits:

The State observes eleven (11) holidays each year and statewide general election days. State offices are closed on the following days:

New Year's Day Columbus Day
Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Veterans' Day
Presidents' Day Thanksgiving
Memorial Day Day after Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas Day
Labor Day  

Leave Benefits:

Annual Leave: Full-time State employees earn annual leave in the following increments:

Length of Service Amount of Annual Leave
0-5 years of service 10 days per year
6-10 years of service 15 days per year
11-20 years of service 20 days per year
21 or more years of service 25 days per year

  • Annual leave is prorated based on percentage of employment.
  • New employees must wait until they have completed six (6) months of State service before they can use annual leave. After six months, new full-time employees will be credited with five (5) days of annual leave.
  • Effective October 1, 2008, State employees may carry-over annual leave from one calendar year to the next for a maximum accrual of 75 days or 600 hours of annual leave.

Personal Leave: State employees are granted six (6) days of personal leave beginning of the first pay period of calendar year.

  • Personal leave is prorated based on the percentage of employment and start date of employment (if employed after January 1st).
  • Personal leave is available to all employees immediately upon State employment.
  • Personal leave cannot be accumulated or carried over from on calendar year to the next.

Sick leave: State employees earn 15 days of sick leave per year. For a full time employee in a non-temporary position the earning rate is 4.615 hours per pay period.

  • Sick leave is prorated based on the percentage of full-time employment.
  • Sick leave can accrue or be carried over from year to year; there is no maximum accrual limit. Upon retirement directly from State service, unused sick leave will be calculated as additional service credit.
  • All unused sick leave is forfeited when you resign from State employment. Should you return to State service within three (3) years, your unused sick leave will be restored.


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