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Supporting Documentation

If you are claiming property in the possession of the state, you must complete and sign the claim form, forwarding it with the supporting documentation to the Unclaimed Property Unit.

Unclaimed Property 
301 West Preston Street, Room 310
Baltimore, MD 21201-2385

Supporting Documentation for Claims 

All claimants must establish:

(1) their personal identity, and 

(2) entitlement to the property sought.

You must submit two forms of personal identification, one of which must show your social security number. If the claim is being filed by a party acting as a guardian, executor, administrator, or in some other representative capacity, the appropriate documentation demonstrating entitlement to make the claim in that capacity must also be enclosed (Example: Letter of Administration, Power of Attorney, and/or Guardianship paperwork).

Entitlement to the property sought must be established by providing one of the following types of documentation:

BANK ACCOUNT - A passbook, bank statement, or cancelled check.
DIVIDEND - Proof of affiliation with company.
STOCK - The original stock certificate.
INSURANCE PROCEEDS - Insurance policy or statement.
UNCASHED INSTRUMENTS - Original certified check, money order, travelers check or other negotiable instrument.
UNCASHED WAGES - Proof of employment.

In the absence of any of the foregoing evidence and for claims of other types of property, you should submit the best evidence of ownership available.

If an account was originally opened jointly with the names connected by "and" (John and Mary Doe), both parties must make claim for the funds.  If one of the two parties is deceased, attach a copy of the appropriate death certificate.
Claim processing time can vary; please allow a minimum of eight weeks for processing.

Finders Fees

The State of Maryland does not charge a fee for returning your property to you.  Signing an agreement to have someone assist you in recovering unclaimed property may entail the payment of substantial fees.  Effective July 1, 1991, such an agreement is unenforceable in Maryland if it covers property which has not been in the state's custody for two years.

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