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Payment Instructions

ACH Credit Option
To use the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) credit option, you must first contact your bank to determine if your bank offers ACH origination. Your bank must complete Section C of Form EFT, Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer to verify that your bank can conform to these standards. You must also complete the contact person information in Section A.

As the most basic form of ACH payment, the CCD (Concentration or Disbursement) format can be processed by all ACH-member banks. ACH credit transactions require you to enter all payment-related data in the ACH standard CCD+ format and XTP addenda record. You will initiate the credit transaction through your bank to the state's bank account for the amount of your tax payment. The costs of the ACH credit transactions are incurred by you and you are responsible for your proof of payment.

ACH Debit Option

You must contact your bank to provide approval. 

ACH & FED Wire Transfer Info
Banking Institution: Bank of America

ACH ABA Bank Routing Number #: 052001633

FEDWIRE ABA Bank Routing Number #: 026009593

Account Named: State of Maryland

Account Number: 2001800598

Physical Bank Address: 100 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001

Format: NACHA-CDX or CCD+ (ACH)


Please send confirmation of transfer with physical report or e-mail to

Internal Info:

Agency Code: E00

PCA Code: 05360

** If you have any problems, contact Mr. Warren Smith, Holder Compliance Representative, at 410.767.1702. **

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