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Reporting and Delivery of Securities Property

Reporting and Delivery of Securities Property

Securities Registration and Deposit Instructions

When reporting securities, please remember that your report is not complete until you provide evidence of the property being transferred into the ownership of the Comptroller of Maryland.  The required evidence depends on the type of security and how it will be delivered to the Comptroller.  Two days prior to delivery, you MUST e-mail an intent to deliver to our custodian - see instructions below.


All Book Entry eligible shares MUST be delivered through DTC, DRS or DWAC (if not DTC participant) as follows:

DTC #             901                                                                        Reference: Crab & CO   
Agent Bank #  26500                                                                     Acct # 822490    

Two business days prior to actual delivery, we request an excel list of the securities, including cusip numbers, number of shares, issue names, and the delivering party's DTC participant number.  Please e-mail the list to .


Register and deliver Physical Certificates ONLY if unable to deliver through DTC, DRS or DWAC:

Crab & Co                                                                                      Acct # 822490
FEIN # 16-1674445
The Depositary Trust Company
570 Washington Blvd - 5th Fl
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Attn. BNY Mellon/ Branch Deposit Department/822490

Please note: Physical certificates will be returned if DTC, DWAC, or DRS eligible.

Two days prior to actual delivery, we request an excel list of the securities, including cusip numbers, number of shares, issue names, certificate numbers and the delivering party's information.  Please e-mail the list to .


Open-End Mutual Funds

Accounts held for the State must be registered in the name of Mac & Co. Avenu Insights & Analytics will provide account numbers for all mutual funds transferred to the State's account. Avenu Insights & Analytics at to obtain account numbers 3-4 business days prior to attempting delivery.  

Please send interested party statements for open end accounts to the following:

Avenu Insights & Analytics
Custody Department
100 Hancock Street, 10th Floor
Quincy  MA  02171

A confirmation statement showing the 'Comptroller of Maryland' as the owner of the shares must accompany your Report of Unclaimed Property, in order for your report to be complete.


Dividend Reinvestments Plans (DRP) & Closed-End Funds

Close accounts and forward whole shares via DTC (See DTC instructions above).  Fractional shares must be sold at the owner level and money applied to each individual owner.  Please include the original check with your Report of Unclaimed Property.


For Foreign Securities

Please contact our securities custodian for instructions:

Avenu Insights & Analytics.


For Federal Reserve Securities

Please deliver as follows:

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Bk of NYC/Trust (822490)




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