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Reciprocity Agreements

As a convenience, if you are a holder located in the State of Maryland, you may file one Unclaimed Property Report (COT ST 918 form) with the Comptroller of Maryland, even if you are holding property for owners whose last known address is in another state.  Our unit will forward the funds and details of out-of-state owners to the appropriate state.  While the Comptroller of Maryland, Unclaimed Property Unit will forward property to most states, please check directly with states not on this list before escheating the funds to the Comptroller of Maryland.

  • District of Columbia
  • Idaho 
  • Indiana 
  • Missouri 
  • Nebraska 
  • North Carolina 
  • Virginia 
  • Washington

If you wish to file other states' property with your Comptroller of Maryland Unclaimed Property Report under section 17-309 of the Annotated Code of Maryland, and have us forward the accounts to the appropriate states, please do the following:

  1. Use the abandonment period(s) required by the state of the owners' last known address.
  2. Notify the other states of your intent to report via the Comptroller of Maryland. You can get contact information for the other states at

**Agreements are subject to change; please verify with the state in question.

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