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Overview of the Payments Process

Currently, the state has many bill-paying offices to whom a vendor will invoice for goods and services. These offices are the "BILL TO" offices listed on the agencies requisition, purchase order, or other contracting document. The bill-paying office performs work normally associated with any "Accounts Payable" operation.

Each bill-paying office uses a statewide-computerized vendor name and address file. The vendor's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is used to locate the name and address to be inserted in the payment request to the State Comptroller's Office. State law (State Finance and Procurement, Title 15) requires that the vendor's TIN be included on the invoice. A sole proprietor must use his/her Social Security Number and all other business entities must use their federal employer's identification number as the TIN. The State Treasurer's Office disburses funds to the vendor based upon approval of the Comptroller's of the General Accounting Division.

Questions concerning individual invoices must be directed to the state agency bill-paying office, since the General Accounting Division acts as a disbursement office for the bill-paying agency.


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