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Treasury Department Procedures

  1. The Treasury Department will verify each registration form against all available information for completeness and accuracy. Any errors on the registration form caused by the vendor not keeping an up-to-date registration form on file may result in a check being issued instead of an EFT disbursement or a disbursement to the old account.
  2. The Treasury Department will issue EFT disbursements via the Operating Rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).
  3. A disbursement confirmation (vendor payment stubs or remittance advices) will not be mailed. Detailed payment information is available on this website. Click on Vendor Payments section.
  4. The invoiced bill-paying agency will code the payment request for EFT disbursement to the Comptroller's General Accounting Division. The General Accounting Division will create a warrant to the State Treasurer's Office, which will issue the payment electronically using the banking information provided on the registration form.
  5. The Treasurer's Office will disburse EFT ACH payments only to U.S. Banks via the operating rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (ACH).

    Generally, EFT ACH disbursements will take two workdays after warranting by the General Accounting Division to appear in the receiving bank.

    Disbursements are warranted based on the bill-paying agency's Payment Due Date information. Vendors should clearly understand their financial institution's policies on funds availability.

    ACH payments are considered settled when accepted by the receiving bank.


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