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Email Security Warning!

When sending an email to the Comptroller of Maryland, do not include information such as your full social security number (use only the last 4 digits), bank account numbers, routing numbers, or any other sensitive information.

If you wish to send sensitive information, email a description of the issue (without the sensitive data), and let us know you have confidential information to send. We will reply back via an encrypted email account, which will have "#secure#" in the email subject. In reply to the secured email, you may then provide the additional detail, including the sensitive information.

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General Contact Information



Phone:410-260-7813 or 1-888-784-0144

Fax: 410-974-3979


Mailing address:
General Accounting Division
Goldstein Treasury Building
80 Calvert Street
Annapolis MD 21404-0746

Vendor Contact Information


Vendor Payments

E-mail: Payment Inquires

Phone: 410-260-7813


State Information, tax debt withholding or state liability offset notices

Phone: 410-767-1642


Federal Information, Form 1099 returns, Federal Offset of Payments

Phone: 410-260-7350


Online One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry System (OSVPI)

Phone: 410-260-7432



Phone: 410-260-7813 or 1-888-784-0144

Fax: 410-974-3979


For vendors with questions concerning EFT Registration, contact the General Accounting Division, phone 410-260-7375


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