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Payroll Services for State Agencies

Important News effective April 1, 2019

April 1, 2019 COLA Pay Adjustment

Regular employees certified to receive the April 1, 2019 COLA Pay Adjustment will see the 1st nine days (4/1/2019 – 4/9/2019) included in the Pay Period that ends 4/9/2019 with a pay date (check date) of 4/17/2019.

The new pay scale (Effective 4/1/2019) showing the bi-weekly salary for all grades and steps can be found on our Website:


April 1, 2019 Bonus Payment

A one-time $500.00 bonus for all certified Regular employees (or a pro-rated amount for part-time employees) will be included in the Pay Period that ends 4/9/2019 with a pay date of 4/17/2019. Contractual employees are not automatically eligible for the $500.00 bonus, any questions regarding eligibility should be referred to your employing agency payroll officers.


News release effective June 29, 2018

On 6/27/2018 The Supreme Court of the United States ruled to reverse their previous decision to allow the collection of  involuntary ‘Service Fees’.  With that said, the State of Maryland, Central Payroll Bureau will immediately stop all involuntary union ‘Service Fee' deductions from employee pay checks.  Beginning with the pay period of 6/20/18 - 7/3/18 the involuntary ‘Service Fee’ deductions will not be taken.  This decision does not impact any payment or its amount of voluntary membership dues to the unions. Thank you. 

Below is the link to the opinion for your reference:


News release effective May 25, 2018

Effective with paychecks issued on 5/30/18 and afterwards, deductions with the heading of “UNION DUES” will be changed to a more appropriate heading such as: AFSCME DUES or AFT-HC-MD DUES or MPEC DUES or SLEOLA DUES.  Central Payroll is not eliminating your deduction we are just changing its name.  We will be working with the appropriate Union to make this change as quickly as possible.          


Thank You

Robert Murphy, Director

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